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How it works

To start using Reviewly and view or leave reviews on any website, simply follow these steps

01 Install browser extension

Install the extension in your preferred browser, such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or any other browser you use regularly.

02 Open any website

Open any website you want to explore or leave a review for, whether it's a favorite online store, a news site, or a blog you enjoy reading.


03 Check feedbacks

Check feedbacks from other users to get insights and opinions about the website you're visiting. See what others have experienced and shared to make informed decisions.

04 Add your feedback

Add your feedback to share your own experience and contribute to the community. Your opinion matters, and by leaving a review, you help others make better decisions.

Find reviews faster and make choices easier with Reviewly

Integrated into the browser and allows you to read reviews and leave your opinion about any site without leaving it.

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